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Would Riding a Motorbike Breathe New Life Into Your Daily Commute?

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I blame the old TV series CHiPs for a lot of things, not least an ill fated haircut based on the style of Erik Estrada. However, one positive effect it has had on me is the lasting love affair I have had with motorbikes.

The strange thing is that I have never owned or ridden a motorcycle in my life, but I know that I will one day. In fact, I am beginning to think that the day for doing this is coming very soon for some very good reasons.

The Kids Are Big Now

The main reason I have not had a motorbike before now is that it seems a more sensible idea to do the school run in a family car. Our first kid was born just after I finally passed my driving test and we decided that a car was the best option. I used to watch cool bikes roll past me and dream of the day I would be able to ride one. I knew that the day would come when I would finally be able to buy one and head out on my own to enjoy the pleasure of driving in a way which you can’t really do in a sensible car with three kids on board. The kids are very supportive of my idea of riding a motorbike but they can’t seem to quite come to terms with the idea of their old Dad now being cool. The only problem is that they want me to get one of those amazing Easy Rider style machines. As much as I would love one of them I have to confess that I just can’t see myself riding one of them around Sussex. I think a bike which draws a little less attention would suit me fine if I am being honest.

I Hate My Commute

Don’t you just hate the feeling of arriving home and not remembering anything at all about the journey? I have been doing the same daily commute for about 10 years now and it takes me along the most boring stretch of motorway imaginable before leading me onto the giddy excitement of an abandoned factory and then the world’s dullest flyover. There is no alternative route I can take that wouldn’t add an hour onto my journey so I am stuck with this one. It is so bad being stuck in traffic in the same places every single day that I even took the train for a month or so. I thought that reading a book during the trip would make the commute pass quicker but it turned out to be even more frustrating than driving. I now think that the only practical solution is to liven up my commute by riding in on a bike. Or getting a new job, I suppose. Or moving house.

I Need a New Hobby

Hobbies are great but finding a new one can be hard work. I have tried growing vegetables, learning a foreign language and even cooking. None of these held my interest for long but the thought of getting on my motorbike and heading down the motorway and then some quiet country lanes really gets me excited. I have looked into motorcycle training in Sussex and it seems that there are lots of different courses I could take. I know that that I have been driving cars for a while but I just think that I might need a bit of advice on how to handle my first motorbike when I finally get it. Who knows, I might even go back to my barbers and ask for another Erik Estrada haircut once I get started.

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William Bancs is a motorbike fan who is still dreaming of completing some motorcycle training. Sussex commutes will never be the same again for him after this.    

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