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Top Tips On What To Look For When Buying An MPV

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If you are looking into a new car and have already settled on an MPV, you will more than likely already have taken the decision that other cars on the market are just not big enough for your needs.

Of course there will be more to consider than just the size of the vehicle, here then, I briefly discuss size and some of the other considerations you should bear in mind when looking at a Multi-Purpose Vehicle.

The Three Bears

Despite opting for a bigger car that doesn’t mean that an MPV will actually offer that much space, you have to be careful as they come in different sizes, much like the bears a certain Goldilocks encountered in the children’s fairy tale.

The smallest of which tends to include models such as the Renault Modus, but you also have mid-sized categories like the C-Max and then the Galaxy, both from Ford.

What size is most relevant to you is then up to you and your family to decide. Of course in some cases a seven seater is essential, but in other cases maybe you can sacrifice a seat or two for more room to utilise in a more effective way.

What Are You Driving, A HGV

Although often an insult muttered under the breath when people seem to take ages parking up, or seem to believe their car has some humongous diameter when it comes to manoeuvring around a parked car – it is actually a genuinely important thing to consider if you haven’t driven a MPV (not a HGV) before.

You may also need to check how visibility compares with the cars you have previously used. Someone familiar with a van for example, will be more used to the greater emphasis on the use of side mirrors, but for others it might seem daunting that you are unable to see out of the back windscreen as clearly as you usually would be able to.

Of course, many cars come with parking sensors and even cameras these days, so it might be worth seeing what kind of options are available for you.

Musical Chairs

Seats are important when it comes to choosing the right MPV for a number of reasons.

First and foremost is the general use, do you need five seats or do you need a seven seat monster?

A big family will obviously benefit from more seats, but as emphasised earlier, if you don’t need them, you can maybe opt for something featuring less seats and more space.

Next comes the practicality involved with the seating on offer. MPVs are becoming more and more flexible when it comes to seats.

This is to give drivers the option to pull seats out, move them around and generally free up room to suit the driver and their passengers.

If you have a game plan in mind when you opt to buy a new Multi-Purpose Vehicle, you should have no problem finding the right vehicle for you.

Louisa Jenkins is a family car expert. She offers advice on a range of different sized vehicles from the big, an MPV, to the smaller sized family city cars.

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