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Top 5 Motorcycle Road Trips

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There is a never ending pursuit of freedom on a motorcycle. So long road trips are planned every day for a life filled with adventure and excitement. When it comes to biker road trips you can find millions of miles of roads in the world to choose from, but not all roads are created equal, there are roads and there are motorcycle roads. Here is a list of the top roads to choose from for your bike riding pleasure.

Mae Hong Son Loop, Thailand

If you find yourself in Thailand you definitely need to check out the Mae Hong Son Loop. The Mae Hong Son Loop is roughly 372 miles long, and it begins and ends in Chiang Mai. This stretch of road has well over 1000 turns so prepare yourself for a fun filled bike ride. Because the ride begins and starts in Chiang Mai you can choose to ride the loop clockwise or counter-clockwise. There are numerous stops to be made along this stretch of road and you will want to note the top 3 towns Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son and Pai. These three towns are best equipped for accommodating road trippers.

Tail of the Dragon at Deals Cap, Tennessee and North Carolina

The Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee and North Carolina is America’s top motorcycle road due to its 318 curves in 11 miles.  Due to this being such a popular road trip spot you will find many hotels that have motorcycle garages for each room and shops specifically catering to motorcyclists. You can find a range of mechanic shops and bike outlet stores to pick up all your gear and apparel from Helmets and jackets to biker t-shirts, souvenirs and more.

Trail of Tears Tennessee to Alabama

The Trail of Tears is a historical ride that is annually taken every third Saturday in September in remembrance and honor of the Native Americans who were forced from their land after the Indian Removal Act of 1830. The annual ride has been done for the past 19 years consecutively where riders will take Highway 72 from Chattanooga, TN. to Waterloo, AL.

Route 66 New Mexico to California

Route 66 known as the “mother road” is a very historic route originally taken before America became generic. These old reliable roads that make up route 66 promote a personal freedom and sense of adventure from the sometimes unpredictable highways. This stretch if road is almost 2500 miles in length and has become a seasoned road to take for the diehard motorcycle adventurists.

Christchurch to the Coast, New Zealand

New Zealand is known for being one of the most beautiful places in the world and hailed as New Zealand’s most famous and scenic route for riders. This route has many beautiful wonders taking you through geographical wonders passing by tall mountain peaks, forests, glaciers and crystal clear water beaches. This route is a must for any hardcore riders with a sense for adventure.
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