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Tips to keep your car’s mileage at its best

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Cars of present days have seen improvement in many areas like build quality and technology in the past few years. Owners should take proper care of their car to increase its longevity and keep it as long as he wants to instead of forcing to sell it after few years due to poor performance. Based on our experiences, we will guide you the steps for proper care that will keep the vehicle running great for a long time.

1.Things to follow during break-in period :

The break-in period for a car normally ranges from 1500 km 2000 km.  During this period it is advised to keep the car speed below 85 KPH or the speed recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Please do not put heavy loads or construction materials on the roof rack
  • Keeping the vehicle idle for long periods of time generates large amount of oil pressure that will not be sent to every part of the engine.

2. Reducing the Speed:

Though driving at high speed will thrill you, it has a negative effect on fuel economy. With the increase of speed, fuel used will be more. So driving in a speed limit of 70 kph is considered the best way to increase the mileage of the vehicle. When your vehicle gets stuck in a hole, hard acceleration also damages engine and transmission and is useless. Be gentle and accelerate slowly.

3. Changing Gears:

For vehicles with manual gear transmission, keeping the correct gears at correct speed will increase the mileage.


Refueling your car when the tank is close to half is considered the most important thing. This will reduce the vapor formations in the tank that can save some amount of fuel and increase the mileage.

5. Highway Driving:

While driving on Highways, it is advised to keep the windows rolled up and AC on. Keeping Windows open will increase the air-drag of the vehicle due to cross-ventilation and consumes more fuel. Maintaining constant speed will also decrease the need of acceleration or deceleration unnecessarily this will reduce fuel consumption and increases mileage of the vehicle.

6.Usage of Clutch:

While driving manual transmission vehicles, the usage of clutch should not be pressed and should be used only when needed. This will save a lot of fuel.

7.Air-Pressure in Tires :

The Air-Pressure in tires should be kept in the recommended value. It should be checked for at least 10 days. This will help the car feel light and use less fuel.

8. Air-filter:

While driving in dusty environment, the air-filter gets dusty and makes the vehicle suffocated. Cleaning the Air-filter for every 3500-4000km will help you increase the mileage.

9. Cleaning the car :

Most of the time we forget stuff in the car. Periodically check your car for useless things and clean accordingly. Make your car feel light and consume less fuel. Even getting rid of 45 lbs-50 lbs will affect the performance of the car significantly.

10.Trip Consolidation:

Two short trips always consume more fuel than one slightly longer trip. This is because each time the engine starts, it consumes extra fuel. So combining trips will save you a lot of fuel and also the travelling time.

Each of the tips listed above will save a minimal amount of fuel, but while following everything listed above you will realize a significant amount of change in the consumption of the fuel. We hope you like our article on the mileage saving tips .Please let us know in the comments section if you found out anything we missed.


Guest Post by Sean Greene of Diagtech Ltd, Visit the link for Mileage Correction by Diagtech if you would like to get the best possible mileage out of your car.

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