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The Best Car Care Products for the Best-Looking Car

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For some, the way their car looks means just as much as how it drives. To those folks, spending hours on details really matters. In this post, we’re going to look at some of the best car care products available on the market to keep your auto looking great.

1. Rain -X Liquid Wax

This product, available in a 473 ml bottle, helps protect your car’s finish by applying Rain-X water beading technology, which also helps you achieve a glossy shine. Being easy to apply and remove, Rain-X Liquid Wax can be applied on dry car surfaces, as long as they were recently painted. All you have to do is apply a very thin coat of the product following a 3 by 3 inch rule as you go around the body of the car. You’ll apply the wax with an applicator pad, which comes packaged with the product. Make sure to let the product dry to a haze before buffing, how long this takes will depend on the outside humidity and temperature.

2. Auto Body Detail, by Bowden’s Own

This is a multipurpose product which provides you with an alternative to washing your car with water. Silicone free, Auto Body Detail is perfect for all types of car paint, as well as glass and chrome surfaces. Its UV protectant formula has been specially made for Australian conditions, as well as its anti-static property, which helps you repel dust in the dry heat and the summer months. Auto Body Detail currently retails around $16, and comes in a 750 ml bottle. All you have to do is use a microbuffing cloth to spread the product on your car, while lightly applying pressure in a circular motion.

3. Rain X-X-treme Clean

This product, which comes in a 355 ml bottle, is recommended for use on your windscreen, as it does a great job at removing those pesky vertical lines that develop after driving in the rain. It also quickly renews both plastic and glass, helping maintain their overall durability. At the end of the day, this car care product is great at improving both wiper blade performance and visibility. You can use Rain X-X-treme Clean to restore your headlights, for greater visibility during night driving. All you have to do is to first rinse away any dirt or grime off the surface of your windshield or headlights, after which you can apply the product onto a damp cloth or directly on the car. Apply some light pressure, and move your hand in a circular motion to get the product all over the surface. Lastly, you can wipe away any residue with a cotton cloth.

We hope that this article has opened your eyes to some of the best car care products

to help you take good care of your car. It’s not enough to wash and wipe down your car; you have to go all the way and make sure that you protect the surface of the car to ensure that it maintains that stunning new car look for years to come.

Taylor Ritchie is an avid auto enthusiast. She loves taking great care of her ride and sharing her experiences on various auto blogs.

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