Safest Car Models of the Past Five Years

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Your safety on the road is the most valuable factor to consider when purchasing a vehicle. Look for a lot more than just a few innovative or fun features when selecting a vehicle. Safety should be a big concern because you never know when you’re going to be in an accident. The International Institute for Highway Safety conducts tests on all car models to determine the safest for the road. In the past five years a select few cars have remained reliable and safe for drivers on the road. These models are the ones you should look into when choosing a vehicle since their reputation for safety is unmatched.

Honda Accord Coupe
Hondas are not only known as reliable vehicles that are easy to maintain and provide great gas mileage, they are safe as well. The most recent model, the Honda Accord Coupe, passed all five of the IIHS tests with top scores. The five tests include: side, rollover, rear, moderate overlap front, and small overlap front. Vehicles are literally crashed and evaluated on the impact and amount of destruction caused to determine safety standards.

Volvo S80
Size can make a big difference in a crash. The Volvo S80 has proven that it can take a head-on collision and still remain relatively safe. Despite being a sedan this vehicle is still one of the best on the market. The vehicle has superior handling making it easy to maneuver in case of an emergency. Also, the design of the vehicle and mirror placement makes it easy to limit blind spots and help drivers see the road clearly. ABC News ranks this vehicle as well as four others as some of the safest on the road.

Ford F150
You already know size matters, which is why the Ford F150 has been a safe vehicle for the past several years. This truck has good brakes that allow it to stop in an instant. Out of all the other big vehicles of its size, the F150 is the least likely to roll over. During crash test simulations its big size allows the driver and passenger to avoid numerous injuries a driver would normally receive during an accident in a smaller vehicle.

Acura TL
The Acura TL received the best marks when tested by the IIHS. During all simulations the vehicle performed well when in a crash. This car even performed well during the new test called the small-overlap frontal evaluation. The vehicle has great handling and good brakes to allow it to maneuver with ease. The low weight lets this vehicle stop quickly so that you can avoid a head-on collision.

Toyota is one car maker that has manufactured some of the safest vehicles on the road the past several years. These car models are considered the safest because they passed the IIHS tests with superior marks. You want a car that is going to minimize damage during a collision and that can help you drive safely on the road. Choose one that is proven to protect drivers and passengers when making a vehicle selection.

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