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Reliable Vehicle Maintenance And Gas Mileage Apps For Ios And Android Platforms

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Gas is rising every single day and it is not easy to grasp everything that vehicle maintenance entails. Apart from driving our vehicles and finding the filling station with the most affordable gas prices, most of us leave the rest to the mechanic. However, with the advent of the Smartphone there are so many selections of apps you can put into practice easily to improve on vehicle maintenance and getting as much as you can on gas mileage.


This is an app that allows you to track the maintenance of your vehicle especially for future reference. The app also ensures you have a utility app easy to use and very simple to track your gas mileage and car repair. It is a colorful and minimalist app making service, fuel recording and scheduling of vehicle maintenance very easy and worth doing. You can add enough information about all the vehicles you own, including scooters and motorcycles, track maintenance and gas mileage, syncing your information with iCloud and having reports generated on service expenses, gas expenses, gas prices, stats and MPG while customizing the service reminders.

Gas Gubby

All the service maintenance of your vehicle you have carried out, including gas mileage is well tracked through this app. Many use Gas Gubby in tracking tire rotations, tune ups and oil changes plus other related car repairs. As you wait to fill the vehicle’s tank up or having the vehicle maintained or repaired, you can tap at the application to add information on the amount of gas added, service reminders and mileage including a manual for the user for hidden features and further tips.

Back To My Car

If you parked your vehicle in a large parking lot, you can use this app to return to it easily. The app will find the current location you are and using the Park tab you are able to mark where you have parked your car.

Parking In Motion

We all know how frustrating it can be when it comes to searching for a garage to park your car and driving around town, which is quite frustrating and could deplete your gas. Park In Motion is a real-time feature on parking information on basically any top city across Europe, United States and Canada, more than 300 cities to be exact. Once you have typed in where you are headed, the apps will give you the information you need on parking facilities and location such as valet, surface lot and garages as well as the hours you can park there, including airport parking information.

Miles Per Gallon

This app ensures you have calculated the number of miles the car covers for every gallon you have filled it with. After resetting the meter in the next gas fill up, drive to your destination or as you please until the next time you arrive at a filling station and add the miles on the trip meter including the gallons you added to fill the vehicle’s tank. The app then calculates the miles covered for every gallon filled.

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This article is written by Chris who is an auto consultant living in the UK. He loves to drive his beloved 4X4 SUV and go places unexplored. He regularly gets his SUV maintained at National Autocare. Find out more about National here

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