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Not So Common Cars Converted Into Special Limos

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Every time you think about renting a car for a specific occasion or errand probably what comes into your mind is a limo service. On many occasions, the limo is used to serve corporate affairs, weddings, dances, concerts and other specialized moments deserving a special treatment. Limos are also known for their sense of luxury and extra amenities you can not find in a normal car rental.

Almost everyone would love to give a loved one the treat of their life and a limo service allows this to happen. If you would like to try a limo for whatever reason, business and pleasure or simply for fun, you might be wondering about not so common cars that have been converted into special limousines you must have seen around town. They are so weird, fun to look at and weirdly luxurious, leaving you with a desire to try them. If this is the case, you might want to know the tradition of limo conversions from typical cars, is not a modern one but goes back over eighty years ago.

For example, the first ever stretch limo was the work of Armbruster, a vehicle company in 1928 done by building the coach, the part of the limo reserved for passengers, specifically for transporting many affluent individuals in a single group. Other companies also did the same at this point in time and they were being constructed from the surface going up as compared to the conversion of a car that was still in existence. These vehicles were also being built in a way that they will be able to hold as many passengers as possible more than the normal automobile.

After the end of Armbruster Company, due to a merge with Stageway Coaches, such cars were no longer being built. Limo conversion followed, with the new company that came out of the merger starting the conversion of Lincoln and Cadillac cars into some of the most memorable stretch limos. However, most of them were meant for funeral elongated processes. This did not stop stretch limos from becoming popular and so many companies entered the market and started converting all kinds of cars, including luxury classic cars to top-notch SUVs and sports cars. Rolls-Royce vehicles in most cases were highly used as limos than anything else.

As you look for a limo rental to cater for your wedding or special occasion, it is important to note some companies engaged in limo conversion, use sophisticated methods and tools to convert. However, the real steps of conversion have remained clearly the same across all limo converters. The interior is first stripped from the car with everything else protected using fire-resistant paper, the glass included. The car is then set on a number of rails by mechanics with the rails adjustable to have the vehicle elevated off the surface. Rails are important to have the back and front of the car properly aligned. One side of the rails can rest on dolly roller.

The process then goes on until the car is cut in half, the base welded to the back and front half of the vehicle extended to the installation of the prefabricated exterior of the frame of the limo. The car is given the limo look through a new outfitted interior and lavished with amenities before you call to rent it for that special occasion you have in mind.

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