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New Security Technologies For Your Car

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Purchasing a new car is exhilarating, yet it carries an overwhelming responsibility to get all the features you need – economical gas mileage, rear storage space for groceries, roomy passenger seats for kids’ carseats, running board for short legs, towing package for the man of the house and seat warmers for brisk, winter mornings.

Have you taken a moment to consider your new car’s security features? What if it gets stolen?

Finger Print Locks
If you can’t open your door without, well, being you, then there’s a good chance that your car is going to stay relatively safe from would-be thieves. That’s the kind of promise offered by finger print lock technology, a highly sophisticated way of avoiding car theft. Of course, the concern with this type of technology is that thieves might resort to other strategies to steal your car, but they also might just move on to the next car. Don’t burglars like easy cars to break into?

Submarine Technology Helping You Protect Others From Yourself
Usually, the idea of using radar to navigate is reserved for very special occasions – for example, if you’re on a submarine or if you happen to be a bat. But rear traffic crossing warning systems sometimes utilize radar technology to tell if there’s an object (like a person or a car) in your blind spot as you back up. As you back up your vehicle, the radar alerts you to objects with a quiet beep. As you get closer to the object, the beeping gets more frequent and louder. Maybe this won’t help your own car’s security, but it will help the safety of people around you, especially children.

 The Chair that Knows You

A Japanese company is well into the development of a chair that actually “knows” who you are by using pressure sensors to detect who’s sitting in the car. In essence, the chair knows you to a high level of sophistication, which means that anyone attempting to steal your car would immediately set off an alarm – after all, the chair doesn’t know them. This kind of “smart chair” is just another innovation in technology that will make stealing cars a hefty challenge in the future.

DNA Recognition: Coming Soon?
Admit it: you never thought that cars would become so sophisticated that they would recognize your DNA. When it comes to expensive and cutting edge car security technology, what better way to ensure that your cannot be bypassed by someone else than to go to the core of what makes you who you are – at least biologically speaking? By breaking down security to the DNA level, future car companies might be able to make stealing cars a thing of the past. Of course, we do wonder how they’re going to get their DNA samples – even if we’d rather not think about it.

Meg Jones works with Phoenix locksmith company which serves the greater areas of Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe AZ and surrounding regions.  She enjoys writing about security and safety issues.

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