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How To Pack For Your Motorcycle Trip

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What actually goes in the water proof bag? Well, not a bad idea to start with two duffel bags actually because you’ve got not only your clothing and your regular daily need changes and all that but you actually have your motorcycle gear. If your trip is going to involve any travel not with the motorcycle, you’ll need to transport your daily clothes- your shirts, jeans and things like that but also your motorcycle gear too. So one duffel bag is for your helmet, your gloves and pants and boots and things like that. The other bag is for your day to day clothing.

Side Cases

What actually goes in your side-cases is of course going to vary for every individual and every motorcycle. You have to figure out which tools and which items you want to bring for your trip, you know. But I tend to organize things with one side being your oils and lubricants- chain lubricants, motorcycle parts, spirit, may be a little spare tank of gas. Actually I use a camping system that allows me to bring just a couple of liters of actual motorcycle fuel with me. But why I am mentioning using one side for this is that if you start to next fuels and oils and things like that within the same containers of your clothing or may be some food or snack items that you have with you. That food or that clothing is guaranteed to start taking on the odor of the fuel or whatever oil and things like that you have next to it. So it is good for you to keep that industrial side separate from the personal side.

Carrying Spares

Apart from that, spare tool kit, spare tubes, if you need them and actually one side known for these KTM riders out there who are riding on an adventure. You need things placed between the bag and the bike and the boxes. You can store some spare tubes behind the plastic areas. It takes a little while and you probably want to protect this with a piece of cloth or something so it doesn’t vibrate and create its own hole with time. Protect it, stick it under the plastic area there and again you have saved yourself a lot of space there in side boxes.

And to be very specific, your paper work and things like that is going to be unique for every motorcycle rider and be at equilibrium on both backs and both sides. Hopefully, distributing the weight equally on both sides. You don’t need a bike that tends to lean one side than the other.

About the author: James is a keen cyclist, runner and most importantly, Biker after getting hooked buying his first used kawasaki in 1997 and never looked back.

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