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How to Get a Longer Battery Life for Your Car

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Battery is one of the most vital parts of a car but it is surprisingly also the most neglected one too. How many car owners really monitor the car’s battery? Take a survey and you will find this number to be very negligible. As a fact, owners only start to take care of the battery when it fails to start. But by then, it may have become too late to restore the battery. If you travel daily, the battery really requires a lot of care or else you will have to spend a lot in servicing or replacing the battery. Your care would not only prevent replacing charges but also your help you increase the lifespan of your battery.

Car battery life is typically specified in terms of months or years. On an average, the warranty time for car batteries is five or six years. Extending your battery life is essential to get the most from your investment made in the battery. Here are some tips to expand your battery life.

Safeguard from Extreme Temperature

Too hot or too cold temperature is probably the greatest factor that can reduce the average battery life of your car. Therefore, it is better to buy a thermal insulator or battery blanket. If you are living in very chilly region, you will need an engine block heater to allow cold oil to penetrate easily in your engine. Otherwise, it will put strain on your battery, thus reducing its life expectancy.

Maintain Adequate Water Level

It is vital to check the water level if you wish to maintain the battery. Ensure that only distilled or non-mineral water is used, and that refilling is done with a plastic or rubber tool, not of metal. Never ever overfill the battery although filling it with the amount of water that can submerge the plates is essential. Otherwise, the plates will begin to deteriorate.

Keep Corrosion at Bay

Corrosion is another main culprit to reduce the lifespan of your battery life. To avoid corrosion, you will have to regularly maintain the battery by using baking soda and water. This simple solution is effective in cleaning the battery terminal, where white powdery substance usually tends to accumulates after electricity transmission. You will also have to check the electrolyte level as well as gravity for ensuring their proper levels.

Check the Way You Recharge

Your battery life is also affected by the way you recharge the battery of your car. As per the experts, you must recharge your battery instantly after every use with the help of a charger that is equal to the size of your battery. An automatic charger is essential to avoid overcharging.

Avoid Instant Usage during Cold Days

Instantly starting your car with a cold dead battery is simply not a good practice. In case you need to use your car, ensure that you allow it to warm up for half an hour in the sun before jump starting it. This way your battery will not suffer from any shock.

By following these tips, you can extend your battery’s life easily.

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