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How to Choose the Best Air Freshener Scent

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Please Your Passengers

When people are looking into the best scents for their car or larger vehicle, like an RV, they need to remember that some people are very sensitive to smells. If they will be traveling with friends or family they will want to make sure that they have a scent that everyone will enjoy. They would not want to ruin the trip for someone just because they have headaches to whole time from a smell. They will maybe want to test the scent out with people before they put it in the vehicle that everyone will be sharing. It is just always important to be considerate of the feelings of others, especially when you are all traveling together.

When people are going on long or even short trips, they need to realize that an air freshener can make a huge difference in everyone’s comfort levels. It can allow everyone to just enjoy good smells as opposed to the smell of fast food or whatever food has been eaten in the car during the course of the trip. Or, it can even block out things like campfire smell if the occupants of the car have been out camping. It will just make things far more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Select Citrus

So, when people are looking into a good air freshener scent for their car, they can certainly find things that everyone will like. Some smells remind people of freshness, which is perfect for a car scent. Most of those would be scents of the citrus variety, like orange, lemon or maybe even lime. These types of scents are often used in cleaning and will remind people of happiness, cleanliness and freshness.

Aim for Relaxation

Other great options for car fresheners would be to have very relaxing scents. When people are stuck in a car together for overly long periods of time, they will need to make sure that everyone is staying happy. Having soothing smells, like lavender or chamomile, will help to keep the atmosphere in a car happy.  It will also, of course, keep everything smelling nice, which is the primary point. But those relaxing smells are typically not as overpowering as some of the others, so people are less likely to have an adverse reaction to them.

Don’t Hide Unpleasant Odors…Clean Them!

Now, people often get air fresheners because they can cover up old and bad smells in a vehicle. They won’t know how to get the smell out, so they just try to cover it up. That is not always the best solution. Sometimes that just creates an overlap of the two smells and makes the car smell even worse than before. So, people can look into contacting car interior experts, which will allow them to get a great smelling vehicle without just trying to cover it up.

Ingrid Peterson is a freelance blogger for RV Renovators, a business composed of RV interiors Phoenix experts.

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