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How Much Is Your Car Really Worth?

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It’s how you get around and you’re not only used to it but you love it. However, what that car is worth to you may not be how others see it. If it’s time to sell it, you need to have a realistic idea of what it’s actually worth.

Of course, this might seem like a big job if you aren’t an expert in the motor trade. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be these days if you stick to the following tips.

Go Online

Like most things these days, getting your car’s value right is easiest done online. Your first step is, therefore, to find a website which you trust. If you choose to sell your car with The Car Buying Service then you will discover that it is incredibly easy to get started on the valuation process. By giving the details of your registration number and mileage, you will get an honest figure for how much a car of that age and with that mileage should be worth.

How It Works

This method of letting a website work out your car’s value is an intelligent way of doing things because they will do far more research than you ever could. They will compare your vehicle to their database, and in the case of the website already mentioned this includes more than a million cars. By looking at such a massive selection of vehicles you can be sure that the value which is worked out is the right one. Of course, at this stage you will have the range in which the final price is going to be in, but there are still some factors you need to look at in order to be sure that you’ve covered everything relevant.

Optional Extras and Other Factors

You now have a fantastic starting point, but you can’t forget that each car is different. If yours has alloy wheels, a top of the range radio or any other features which could alter the value, then you need to take this into account as well. If you are taking the internet approach to getting the value of your car worked out, then this is easily done by simply adding in what these features are. If you didn’t buy the vehicle when it was new, then you might need to check out what the basic features are and which ones have been added onto it by the previous owners.

The Condition

The final step you need to take in order to get to an accurate valuation is that of seeing what condition the vehicle is currently in. This can make a fairly substantial difference to the figure, so hopefully you have looked after it well in the time you have owned it.

If the time is right to sell your car, you can now do this easily on the internet and get the right price. The process is simple and quick and doesn’t need any specialist knowledge on your part, so there is nothing to stop you getting started right now.


Nic Carnell is an amateur mechanic and avid car enthusiast. Besides tinkering on his vehicle whenever he has the chance, he loves blogging about various auto-related topics for a variety of websites.  Click here for more information about Car valuation.

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