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Ford Replaces E-Series With Transit

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Step aside E-Series commercial vans, and insert the 2014 Ford Transit, the ultimate commercial van. With the weeks leading up to the Auto Show in Detroit, there was many rumors being leaked that Ford Motor Company had intentions of replacing their aging E Series commercial vans. The former Ford Transit Connect is expected to include a Transit model with various sizes to help meet the needs of just about any laborer, or business owner that needs the cargo.

Back in 1961 the large and fuel hungry E-Series was first produced by Ford, and at first it received great recognition by the commercial, working market. It had done really well for Ford to meet the blue collar niche market for generations, but in recent years with the consumer and EPA demand for better fuel-economy, and stressed efficiency the E-Series has become a hindrance with rising fuel prices.  It is due to this decline in demand that has allowed Ford Motor Company to make the easy decision to remove the clunky E-Series with the modern, versatile Transit.

The first and primary obstacle that Ford had to overcome with replacing their E Series, was by redesigning the Transit to be a viable replacement. When Ford introduced the 2014 Transit they introduced it with three various roof heights, body lengths and displaying that it can be built with two wheelbase options. This flexibility gives business owners who need the extra cargo capacity. The two wheelbases come in either the shorter 130 inches or larger 148 inch length. The 18 inch gain provides for better balance for longer bodies and allows for more cargo. The cargo capacities range from 250 and can reach upwards of 500 cubic feet. Now when you compare this to the former E-Series, which was only 238 cubic feet. Even the low-end cargo capacity model of the Transit exceeded the max storage of the E-Series.

Now if you thought all of the above was enough to make it an obvious change for Ford to make, then you will be completely amazed at how limber the 2014 Transit will be for those looking for an option that wont crush them at the pumps. The 2014 Transit is planned to come with three engine options: a 3.7-liter V6 gasoline engine, a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6, and lastly a 3.2-liter Power Stroke five-cylinder diesel engine. Also, the V6 3.7-liter engine can be offered with a compressed natural gas propane prep kit.

With each customer having their own specific needs, and way to properly organize their cargo room, Ford plans to allow the addition of racks, shelves, and bins so they can properly store or shelve tools and manage their products if it needs to be delivered. The 2014 Transit looks to start going on sale across North America in the fall of 2014, and even though most of the designs have been set in stone, there could be some changed made between now and then. For more information on the current E-Series or smaller Transit Connect models please visit your nearby Ford Dealer by Charlotte, NC—Tindol.

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