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Five Degrees for Car Enthusiasts

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Finding a career working with something you are passionate about takes hard work and dedication, especially if your passion is cars. If this is your passion, there are more ways to work with cars other than the typical mechanics and grease monkeys. Listed below are five degrees that will not only send you on a great career, but will also allow you to work with cars.

Mechanic: Tried and True Way to be Close to Your Passion
Working as a mechanic will get you down and dirty with cars. You will be working on the inner parts of a car such as the engine. Most community colleges offer two year degrees in this field, though you never really stop going to classes because cars and their technologies are constantly changing. Most employers will allow you to have internships with them while you are still going to school so that you will be able to get hands-on experience while taking classes. A mechanic is expected to make upwards of $40,000 a year, usually with benefits.

Business Degree: Sell Cars and Manage Companies
With a business degree, you can start a career as a part of the management inside a car company. You can be part of what makes the business running as smoothly as it should. Acquiring a business degree in fields such as accounting, management, or finance will take up to four years to achieve. This degree will usually bring in a salary upwards of $99,000 a year, which is a pretty big chunk of change. Who thought you could make that much working with what you love?

Journalist: Write About the Cars You Love
As a journalist, you can find a career working as a writer for a car magazine, or multiple car magazines. Earning bachelors in journalism will take about two years. This is all you really need to jumpstart your career writing about what you love, as well as start earning a salary upwards of $40,000 a year. If you go the distance and earn your master’s degree, you can add up to $20,000 more to your base salary. This degree will allow you to travel, if you wish, and see the cars of the world.

Auto-Design: Create the Car of Your Dreams
Working as an automotive designer, you will be able to create new cars, and improve old models. You will use computer programs in conjunction with hand drawn sketches to bring these cars and improvements to life. When you start out as an auto-designer, your beginning salary will be upwards of $87,000 a year. It usually takes two or more years of education to start your career in this field.

Automotive Technician: The Upkeep and Repair for Your Car
An automotive technician is similar to a mechanic, but can be more specialized to work on certain makes and models of cars, such as Ford or Buick. If you choose this as your career, you can work with your favorite type of cars day in and day out, working on the specific brand you like. Automotive technicians can make a salary up to $38,000 a year.

A degree in automotive tech can take up to 2 years to finish for your associate’s degree. Most companies will prefer you to have at least your associate’s, but the more educational backing you have, the more desirable you will become to companies and the more money you will make.

No matter what path you decide to take, you will be working with what you love. This makes you a lucky person because not everyone has this ability or chance. Good luck!

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