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Embrace Cleaner Energy With The Honda Civic CNG

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Looking for a car with a cleaner source of energy? The Honda Civic CNG runs on compressed natural gas which is a lot cleaner than traditional gas. In addition, it’s also a lot more affordable than traditional fuel plus it’s manufactured in the USA. The Civic is currently the only mass produced CNG vehicle on the market. Pricing for the CNG model starts at $26,305. This is around $7,000 more than the traditional model. The Civic hybrid version is priced at around $25k.

How The Honda CNG Works

The CNG Civic is powered by gas which is stored in a tank located behind the back passenger seats and takes up space in the cargo area. Mileage range stands at around 220 miles due to the fact that the tank can only hold a limited amount of gas. Even so, the range is still twice as much as that of the Nissan Leaf, an electric car. The CNG Civic is powered by a 1.8 Liter engine with an output of 110 hp and 106 lb feet of torque.

$3,000 Gas Card For Honda Civic CNG Buyers

Honda is currently offering a $3,000 fuel card for consumers who purchase a 2012 CNG Civic. That should be enough to cover two years of fuel costs; natural gas is priced a lot lower than regular fuel.  This promotion couldn’t come at a better price; gasoline prices have been climbing in California. The fuel cars is a joint effort between Honda and Clean Energy Fuels Corp; a company with ownership of a large number of CNG stations. The card will only be able to be used at stations owned by Clean Energy Fuels. California drivers have another incentive in order to buy CNG; owners are also able to drive in the carpool lane.

Infrastructure for CNG Cars

One of the major benefits of driving a car using natural gas is the financial savings. Another advantage is less pollution and environmental damage; CNG cars produce one third less emissions than regular cars. CNG gas is currently solely produced in the United States which means that usage supports American jobs and businesses and lessens dependency on foreign oil.

The Future of CNG

The government is transitioning over to natural gas vehicles for state fleets. Oklahoma has already replaced 700 cars with the more efficient natural gas ones. Pennsylvania also has plans to convert current fleet vehicles to CNG.

Written by Jacqueline Starz – Shop Carland offers a large selection of Honda Civic cars for sale in Atlanta, Duluth and Acworth in GA.

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