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Do You Really Need Non-Owner Car Insurance?

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Simply put, non-owner car insurance is car insurance that helps to protect individuals who choose not to purchase their own cars but instead either borrow or rent them as the need arises. Although non-owner car insurance can be purchased to cover short periods of time, there are also more comprehensive policies that can be purchased to cover the entire year. In general, non-owners car insurance is particularly popular among people who live in cities with excellent public transportation that allows them to avoid owning cars, people who make extensive use of rental cars but choose to forgo the renter’s car insurance offered at the counter, and people who need to drive cars from place to place as part of their jobs.

Kinds of Non-Owner Car Insurance

Non-owners car insurance covers an entire group of insurance policies that target the same customer base. As a result, there are some striking similarities between different non-owners car insurance policies, though these are not universal. For example, most non-owners car insurance tends to provide the same kinds of coverage. In general, the things covered by non-owners car insurance includes legal liabilities, protection for uninsured and underinsured motorists, personal injury protection, and coverage for medical payments. Similarly, most non-owners car insurance also neglect to cover the same things, those being collision and comprehensive damage plus reimbursement for rent and towing. Bear in mind that exceptions do exist to these general guidelines and that interested customers can get something better tailored to their needs than the standard non-owner car insurance package.

Tips For Getting Non-Owner Car Insurance

Here are some tips that customers should keep in mind if they are considering getting non-owner car insurance:

  • Although it might seem more sensible to purchase non-owner car insurance each time that the driver heads out on the road, purchasing a year-long insurance policy is often the smarter option if the driver knows that he or she is going to be using a borrowed or rented car more than once in the year. Doing so ensures that the driver is covered at all times for a reasonable price, while purchasing insurance each time that the driver heads out can result in coverage gaps and quickly adds up.


  • As always, interested customers should read the conditions thoroughly and do the research because failing to do so can leave them uncovered at a critical time. If customers have unresolved questions, they should always contact the insurance company to ask rather than leave them lingering.


  • There are alternatives available to drivers depending on their circumstances. For example, adding the driver as an auxiliary driver to the existing car insurance on the borrowed car can be an excellent way to avoid having to purchase a non-owner car insurance altogether. Always research the alternatives.


  • Shopping around using comparison shopping sites dedicated to finding insurance can help individuals find better rates because many insurance companies such as Progressive offer non-owner car insurance. Users can find not only progressive car insurance rates from, but also car insurance rates from other insurance companies.


In sum, non-owner car insurance can prove an useful tool for those individuals do not own their cars but instead choose to borrow or rent them. However, this does not mean that it is the best insurance under all circumstances and there are viable alternatives available to drivers.

Richard Ackerman has extensive experience as an insurance consultant. He enjoys passing on little known information he has gleaned over the years. His articles mainly appear on personal finance and insurance blogs.

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