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Did You Hit A Deer? What Should You Do Now?

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More than 500,000 cars in the United Kingdom strike deer on the roadways every year. Most of the accidents occur during autumn, when the deer are mating, but these accidents can happen anytime of the year. According to research, a car and deer accident will cost an average of 3000 pounds of damage to a car. Further research has provided more information as to where these types of accidents are more likely to happen. These areas are called “hot spots”. Do you travel in these areas often?

  • Roads that are not travelled by large trucks. Experts believe that the additional noise of the trucks would help prevent the deer from entering the roadway, and they also believe that drivers handle their vehicles better when they are sharing the road with large trucks.
  • Highways that have higher speed limits. These roads do not allow drivers to react quickly enough to prevent a collision with a deer.

Roads That Are In Rural Areas.

Once you hit a deer with your car, or a deer hits your car, you will have plenty of questions for your insurance company. There are some questions that are quite common, and there are answers your insurance agent will provide you with.

I Just Hit a Deer? Will My Insurance Cover It?

If you do not have a comprehensive insurance policy, you may be out of luck. Although you may not have caused the accident, you will still be asked to pay a deductible. A lot of people are confused about deer and car accidents. Most insurers assume that the accident would qualify as a collision, but when you hit an animal, the accident falls under your comprehensive coverage.

I Missed The Deer, But I Hit Something Else. Will My Insurance Cover It?

You may have missed hitting the deer in the road, but you lost control of your car and hit a tree or other object. This is considered a collision.  Even though it may have been the deer’s fault that you had an accident, if you hit another object instead of the deer, the accident would not be classified under your comprehensive coverage. Be sure to ask your insurance agent if you need further clarification.

Can I Hold A Government Agency Accountable For The Accident?

No one will pay to have your car repaired, nor will they pay your deductible for you. Many areas do have environmental agencies that try to control the growing deer population, but they cannot control or keep every deer from walking into the path of a car.

Should I Report The Accident To The Police?

Some insurance companies require that you file a police report for a deer-car accident, others do not. You would have to ask your insurance agent. If your car has been totalled by the accident, you may need to call the police on the scene to document what happened. You should also take pictures of your car and the accident scene.

These are just a few of the questions that you may think of after you have had a run in with a deer on the road.

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