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Consumer Reports Best Used Cars $10-$15k

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Consumer Reports has recently came out with their 2013 version of the best used cars to buy right now. In this report they cover a few different prices ranges. In this article we will touch on the price range of $10-$15k, which is a common price range for many consumers are looking to buy a new vehicle, even if it is used.

Best Used Cars between $10k and $15k:

In the small car category there is the 2011 Honda Fit and 2011 Mazda 3 hatchback. Both are compact vehicles, with hatchbacks to allow for improved cargo capacity. Both of them offer great four-cylinder engines that are highly efficiently and return about 30 miles per gallon plus some to the driver.

Next up is the sedans. In this instance it is both the 2006 Honda Accord and the Acura TL. The Honda sedan is a great vehicle, as it has a smooth operating V6 engine, which isn’t just strong but economical as well. The Accord is a smooth and comfortable sedan. The Acura on the other hand is very similar, but is just the luxurious upgrade version of the Accord in some ways, and makes it a bit pricier.

Then there are the Sport Utility Vehicles for this price range. First we will start with the smaller SUV models. The RAV4 by Toyota and the Honda CR-V crossover vehicle, take the cake in this segment. Being a smaller SUV they naturally have better fuel economy and sharper handling. Then there are the larger SUV models like the Highlander by Toyota (Toyota is winning a lot here), and the Infiniti FX. Much like the sedan segment, where the Accord was the comfortable ride with a smooth ride, the same can be said here about the Highlander. It has everything you need in a large sedan, the space, and the basic necessities. But if you are looking for an upgrade in luxury and comforts, then the FX is surely your best bet.

Ultimately if you are in need of a set of wheels, you really don’t have to pay top dollar for a brand new vehicle. There are a lot of used vehicles out there that have the reliability and longevity you need, at a much lower cost. For a better idea of some of the used vehicles out there you can learn a bit by reading about the models by Salt Lake’s KG Used.

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