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Classic Muscle: 2013 Dodge Challenger Performance

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From the ashes it rose like a phoenix. Reborn, never forgotten and incredibly missed the Dodge Challenger. Once one of the most respected muscle cars of its time, it wasn’t only until 2008 that the Chrysler Group had considered the reproduction of this classic muscle car. Now the 2013 Challenger is a perfect blend of performance, and muscle car nostalgia.


When General Motors thought it was a grand idea to bring back the Pontiac GTO, but to change its nameplate identity and design almost completely, it proved to be an utter failure. Only two years after GM put the new GTO out on the market, they revoked its reproduction of the model. What Chrysler did with the Challenger is incredibly intelligent, and observant. They recognized that there was still a niche of individuals who craved that sharp muscle design, and classic roar of a car performance.


Even though the Pontiac GTO packed a similar engine, the design turned a lot of enthusiasts off, and away from the vehicle all together. On the flip side the Challenger body styling looks much like the great Challengers of the golden years, where having a muscle car was an absolute must. The engine is now a Pentastar V6 that pushes over 300 horsepower, powering the rear-wheel drive. The performance and fuel-economy of course varies based on the model trim you select. The 2013 Challenger is offered in SXT, SXT Plus, Rallye Redline, three R/T versions, and of course the high-performance SRT badge. The SRT Challenger model has a Hemi V8 engine, that can whip your head back with 470 horsepower. Even though that might offer a thrilling ride for most, it would likely scare most, and ultimately earn you a speeding ticket.


To learn more about the various new Challenger model trims, and how it stacks up against its recent competitors, you can read it all by visiting the top Chrysler Group dealer, Arrigo by Miami, FL. Might even be a good idea to give one a test drive, and see what you think.

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