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Car Tools You Should Have in Your Garage

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Familiarizing yourself with and taking responsibility for your car means better gas mileage, less money spent on repairs, a longer lifespan for your car, less money spent hiring a mechanic, and, of course, safety for you and your passengers on the road. Some tools to keep in your garage that will help you to properly care for your car are jumper cables, a socket and screwdriver set, a tire pressure gauge, and safety equipment; here is an overview of each of these helpful tools.

Jumper Cables
There are many things that go unnoticed but can cause the battery in your car to drain, such as old age, going a long time without using your car, or even accidentally leaving your car’s headlights on or your car door open overnight. When and if this happens, it is well worth it to be prepared by having a set of jumper cables on hand. It is important to be able to charge your car’s battery, even if only long enough to be able to drive to a car parts shop.

Socket and Screwdriver Set
No matter what make and model vehicle you have, there is always the potential for things to come loose. Old age and neglect are only a few causes of this. Owning a socket and screwdriver set allows you to tighten potentially problematic loose screws before they cause you the inconvenience and financial stress of having to take your car to a professional. Tightening loose screws as they are discovered is a great way to avoid bigger problems with your car later. When on the lookout for sockets and screwdrivers, be sure to purchase them in a set that has many different sizes in order to ensure versatility and get the best possible value.

Tire Pressure Gauge
Using a tire pressure gauge to achieve the right tire pressure for your car will also enable you to get better gas mileage from your vehicle since your car will have to do less work in order to run smoothly. Using a tire pressure gauge at least once a week will not only help your car get better gas mileage, it will also keep you from experiencing a tire blowout. Blowouts can be extremely inconvenient and expensive, but they can also be dangerous, especially if a blowout happens on a freeway. Tire pressure gauges will also help you increase the life of your tire treads. Make the investment in a great tire pressure gauge to keep you safe, to take care of your vehicle, and to save money in the long run by extending the life of your tire treads and increase your car’s gas mileage.
Safety Equipment
One of the biggest reasons to own a few versatile car tools is to keep yourself and your passengers safe when you are on the road. When on the lookout for some tools to have in your garage, safety equipment to protect yourself when you are working on your car is something that can be easily forgotten. Use safety equipment that is compatible with the task you are completing. Use some safety gloves if you could potentially get burned working on your car. Also consider using safety goggles to protect your eyes when working underneath your car.



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