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Absurd Laws of The Road

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More than any other technological invention, the automobile has come to define the American way of life, and so the often absurd nature of existence itself leads to many bizarre road realities. As a result, the road has become a place full of laws and rules that don’t make any sense on the surface, but their reasoning becomes clear when the history of their induction comes into play. Here are some state road laws that are too absurd to be real:


Scruffy on the Roof

A cringe-worthy incident must have led to the Alaska law that made it illegal to tether a dog or any other animal to the roof of a vehicle. Alaska statute 9.36.150 makes it clear that no animal can be tied to the roof of a car unless they are protected in an enclosed container. Lawmakers thought that Alaska’s slippery road ways would create dangerous conditions for pets strapped to the roof.


Honking and Cold Cuts

Salami zombies in Arkansas can only be woken by the honking of a car horn after 9 p.m. Thankfully, the state has made it against the law to honk your horn this late at night next to cold-cut sandwich shops. In reality, local law makers were concerned about excessive noise in the evenings. Still, the specificity of this law is quite a mystery to residents.


Drive-Thru Deer Hunting

Deer hunters without a lot of time on their hands will be disappointed to find out that it’s illegal in Connecticut to hunt from your car. Lawmakers in the state probably had good reasons to prevent vehicles from ruining protected lands, but it’s still ridiculous to picture Elmer Fud pointing his rifle out the window of a moving Hummer.


Fancy Riding

Road laws aren’t just limited to motor vehicles. Section 11-1514 of the Illinois Vehicle Code makes it illegal for tricksters to ride their bicycles in a fancy manner that includes removing hands from the handlebars and feet from the pedals. While the state law was designed to protect bicyclists from themselves, no one knows how many 11-year-old kids have been jailed for non-compliance.


Live Chicken Avenue

Lawmakers in Topeka, Kansas have made it illegal to transport a dead chicken on Kansas Avenue. Of course, the law also prohibits stable manure, offal, house refuse and night soil in order to keep the street clean, but the inclusion of chickens is strange. Residents have to make sure that their favorite fried chicken restaurants and grocery stores are on their own side of Kansas Avenue.


The Beer Transporter

Scientists in Scituate, Rhode Island are hard at work developing a transportation device that will send beer from a store to people’s homes without having to be moved by a vehicle. After all, it’s illegal in this city to have beer, even if unopened, in your vehicle while driving. This law passed during the intense ramp up of drinking and driving laws during the 1970s and 80s.


Trash Cars
The state of South Carolina is concerned about rats. So concerned, in fact, that they made it illegal to hold trash in your vehicle. Bachelors in the state should make sure all the fast food wrappers, grocery store bags and soda cans are cleaned up from the floor in case they get pulled over. They may be in store for more than just a simple moving violation. They may be blamed for bringing back the Black Plague.


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