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A Guide to Automobile Frame Materials

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A car’s frame is the strong skeleton upon which the car is constructed. The frame should be constructed out of material that is sturdy and dependable. The automobile frame is the base of the car. It must be strong and stable. There are a few such materials that a car’s frame can be constructed of.

An automobile can be made out of more than one material. Most vehicles currently use steel. Some vehicles may use aluminum, magnesium, or a combination of materials. The main composites utilized in the construction of vehicle chassis are titanium alloys, aluminum alloys and steel alloys. Each metal has diverse properties and multiple applications. The cost of each composite greatly varies.

The vehicle’s chassis has to be rigid so that it can stand up to any force that is affects it. This is important for the suspension. On the chance that the chassis bends a little, the vehicle is not going to act as it would have. The suspension will be modified. The chassis cannot be totally rigid as it will become easily broken and thus become unusable. It must be neither too rigid nor too flexible.

Types of Frames
This chassis can be one of several different models of chassis. The first model that was designed is the ladder frame. This particular frame is one that is usually made from metal and is similar to the form of a ladder. It is inexpensive to build and can handle heavy loads. It was utilized in older model cars, sport utility vehicles, trucks and buses.

The chassis can also take the shape of a space frame. This model is designed utilizing a number of small tubes to make a chassis that is three-dimensional. The tubes are placed to manage the stress that is put on the frame. These models are extremely precise and rigid. They are designed from different materials and usually exceptionally expensive. These types of frames are used for competition vehicles and sporty road vehicles.

The frame can be designed as a one-piece structure. This is called monocoque. Large metal sheets are stamped with a large stamping device. The parts are fused together to form the chassis of the vehicle. The fusing method is automated. This makes this particular frame quick to create. It has a low tolerance. This design accounts for most of the vehicles currently made. It is made usually made of steel. The chassis is made to withstand almost any impact. Aluminum is some times used in the body of this type of chassis to reduce the weight. It is inexpensive and offers collision protection. It is also not as rigid as some other frames because it does not use tubes in the construction of the frame.

The last type of frame can be called a mixture of the space frame and monocoque. The construction begins as a monocoque chassis and is completed with a space frame build. It is easy and inexpensive to make. It has the best of both frames.

Many of the chassis are made of steel and can weigh almost 3000 pounds or up to 4000 pounds for a sports utility vehicle. This frame is what offers protect during a collision. The body panels, roof and door frames are made of steel as well to withstand the force of a crash. The chassis is the part of the vehicle that keeps the passengers safe.


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