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5 Essential Car Gadgets For A Rocking Road Trip

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Going for road trips with family, friends or loved ones can be a fantastic experience. Whether you’re a student, a homemaker, or a business professional, a road trip can be a brilliant way to unwind and unplug from your hectic daily life and grab a little bit of fresh air for yourself. The whole idea of enjoying the independence, a pulsating joyride, the open roads, and the beauty of randomness, with a bunch of fun loving freaks for company, can be exhilarating. Moreover, thanks to technology, you now have access to a plethora of amazing car gadgets that will make your dive all the more smooth. So, apart from a few fun human beings, a few beers, lots of snacks to munch on, and a few pairs of clothes, here are five essential car gadgets you could consider chucking along into your car:

Portable USB Charger

We all love our smart phones, don’t we? Can you imagine keeping your favorite device switched off even for a few minutes? Well, you won’t necessarily need to – not as long as you’re carrying your portable USB charger along! Just connect your USB charger into the cars cigarette lighter and you can use it to charge you cell phone. So no more missing out on important texts from girlfriends or status updates on social networking portals. Moreover, during emergency, nothing comes in handier than a fully charged mobile phone!

Mechanical repair kit

The last thing you want to do is to venture off onto the highway without a repair kit onboard. No doubt, there are plenty of roadside assistance services available to come to your rescue and fix your car wheels for you, but again, they can take quite a while to arrive. So why rely on these assistance services when you can have your very own tire repair kit in the boot of your car?

Car Microwave

While you’re on the go, imagine stopping at any spot you fancy for a nice picnic, without having to worry about finding a place that serves warm food. Yes, just carry along your portable car microwave along and you’re sorted! Plug the device into the cars cigarette lighter and enjoy a cuppa, heat up some pizzas or fire up some burritos – hot meals on the go!

GPS Device

Always keep a GPS device with you in your car, and you’ll never get lost again. GPS is essentially a satellite navigations system that will give you precise locations, maps, and directions enabling you to reach your desired destination safely without getting lost. Besides, it also lets you update, share and customize your routes and maps. The best part is that most smart phones have GPS today, making life all the more convenient for you.

Bluetooth headset

If you’re someone who spends a considerable amount of time driving, and especially so if you’re off on a long car journey like a road trip, it will be extremely sensible to invest in a good Bluetooth headset device. This brilliant device connects to your phone via Bluetooth and lets you make and answer calls without holding the phone in your hand. So, no more breaking laws and no more endangering lives by being on the phone while driving – get smart and invest in a Bluetooth headset today.

These were five amazing gadgets that you must definitely befriend before you hit the road.

This post is authored by Frank Smith. Technology lover by passion, he masquerades during the day as a staff member at BSA Wheels, a company that sells a wide range of car wheels and other accessories. In his spare time, he likes to write about modern technology, automobile, and gadgets.

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