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5 Accessories To Have In Your 4WD Vehicle

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A 4×4 vehicle is made for outdoor adventure. You can go to the most remote destinations and the most adverse road conditions, but when you’re off road, you need special equipment to operate safely and independently. In the following paragraphs, I will mention some of the most useful accessories for all 4WD vehicles. They will give you the comfort, safety and versatility you need when you are on your own.

1. High Intensity Discharge Lights

This powerful light produces more intense light than standard bulbs without consuming much power. They replace the filament of the incandescent lamp with a gas capsule which is excited by the discharge produced by two separate electrodes sealed inside a quartz capsule. The specific voltage required for this type of lighting requires the installation of special ballasts that control voltage and current. The resulting light has a good color temperature and is similar to natural daylight. Good lighting is especially needed in difficult terrains when driving at night. It increases the safety and security by allowing one to see obstacles and threats from a distance that allows the driver to react timely.

2.Air Compressor

An air compressor is a great accessory for an all-terrain vehicle. It can inflate tires when you are far away from a filling station, or can be used to fill overload airbags for leveling a 4WD vehicle. It can also be used for other purposes, for example, inflating balls, boats or chairs. The portable air compressors will save up space, since they can be stored in a corner of the vehicle. Even when you have one, you may want to consider adding an air tank.

3.Cargo racks

The freight tracks can be mounted on both hard and soft tops, and based on the model; it can handle huge loads of several hundred pounds. You may also need extra space for long trips where you need to carry a lot of stuff without sacrificing a passenger seat. Cargo racks are constructed with stainless steel or coated with a heavy paint, and add little weight to the unit when not in use. They are highly convenient for transporting camping gear and luggage.

4.Fog lights

Fog lamps will improve your vision of the way, not only in fog conditions, but generally in conditions of poor visibility such as rain, snow or dust. The distance of illumination is not much different from ordinary light, but fog lights will increase the side visibility with wide and low light patterns. They can light a wider zone without offending any other vehicles. This makes driving comfortable by reducing the load on the eyes.

5. Electric winch

Avoid getting stranded with this essential device that will take you out when you’re axle-deep in mud. You can use a winch to pull yourself out or while helping somebody come out of the mud. Its use in dragging and rescue operations have made winch a must have for any 4wd vehicle. The electric motor used in winch is designed to draw thousands of pounds. Consider this as an extra muscle that will certainly help you out in times of difficulty.

High performance and internal strength are the basic characteristic of a 4×4 vehicle, but without essential accessories, it can be very difficult to drive in tough terrains. It is therefore important to ensure that 4WD vehicles always have the right accessories to enhance the vehicle’s longevity, performance and reliability.

Darren is a 4WD passionate and works as a supplier of hydraulic winches for heavy vehicles.

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