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4 MOT Myths: Your Guide To Your Vehicles MOT

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Every year, many car owners are faced with the daunting prospect of their vehicles annual MOT. The constant worry of ‘how much will this cost me?’ and ‘Will the car even pass’ can keep even the safest and most confident driver awake at night.

But it’s important to remember that MOT’s are in place to improve our safety on the roads. Back in the 40’s and 50’s, people were driving potentially dangerous cars that were not regularly serviced.

Can You Imagine That Today?

Luckily, the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) introduced the Ministry of Transport Test in 1960 that tested a vehicle’s brakes, lights and steering every year. The testable age of a vehicle was brought down to 3 years in 1967 and since then, there has been comprehensive and extensive advancements accumulating in the test we have today. Significantly, there is a greater emphasis nowadays on emissions and eco-efficiency.

Throughout the UK, there are around 19,000 garages that are authorised to carry out certified MOT testing. It’s important that you find an outfit that offers trustworthy and thorough MOT testing using only the latest equipment and facilities around. That way, you can have complete confidence in the reliability and effectiveness of the service you receive.

Reputable & Established MOT Testing

But whilst you may be dreading receiving your vehicle’s results, what many people forget to remember is that passing an MOT merely shows that your car has ‘met the minimal acceptable environmental and road safety standards required by law’. This means your car may have only just passed and is not guaranteed to be problem-free.

There are parts of your vehicle during your MOT that are not tested and can therefore not pass or fail. Luckily, by following our MOT Myths, you can be sure about the condition of your car.

#1 – Broken Fog Lights…Fail?

This is a popular misconception. There is no legal requirement for your front fog lights to work, however it is a requirement that your rear fog lights work. Similarly, your reversing lights are not tested so you can’t fail your MOT if they are not working. It is advised that you regularly check all your vehicle’s lights for the safety of yourself and other road users.

#2 – A Spare Wheel Without A Legal Tyre Is Illegal?

A debate older than time, but it’s important one to understand. Checking your spare tyre is not part of your MOT (unless the spare is actually fitted to the vehicle), but there is no point having a tyre that would be illegal should it need to be fitted. Ask for advice on tyre tread requirements if you are unsure.

#3 – My In-Car Heating’s Broken, What Does This Mean?

Broken heating, especially in the colder weather, may mean you can’t sufficient clear or de-ice your windscreen. However, this is NOT checked during your MOT and is more a common sense issue. It would be very irresponsible to operate your vehicle without full and clear vision in every direction – including blind spots.

#4 – I Can Drive My Vehicle Even If It’s Failed It’s MOT?

It’s alarming how many car owners are unsure of the proceedings once your MOT is carried out. If you have passed, great stuff. Be sure to pay close attention to the advisory list as the chances of addressing these issues now could save you time and money in the long run. If your vehicle has failed and has a valid MOT, then yes you can dive the car away if necessary. It is illegal however, to drive a vehicle that has been deemed un-road-worthy.

Hopefully, the grey area surrounding these MOT Myths has been filled in for you, giving you greater confidence in your car and its forthcoming MOT. Unfortunately, it’s down to the wear-and-tear of your vehicle that will determine its fate.

Phil Warrington highlights those MOT Myths that leave drivers unsure when it comes to their vehicles MOT. He recommends Viking Auto Garage, a reputable and specialist MOT Centre capable of carrying out certified MOT’s tests on a whole host of vehicles. 

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