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2013 Chrysler Minivans Upgrade to Blu-Ray

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When the automotive industry first introduced the awkwardly designed minivan segment into the world nearly three decades ago, the highest state of technology offered was an auto cassette player. In the recent years it was considered almost standard that some vehicles have some form of an entertainment system with a DVD player. Back then Chrysler had leveraged itself to be the go-to manufacturer for minivans in North America. While Ford and GM have put up a partial effort to compete in the market for minivan production in North America, they both have elected to cut production of their minivan models for the foreseeable future.


Across the sea, the mighty automotive minds of Japan have been the only true competition for Chrysler in this segment. Japanese automakers Toyota, Nissan and Honda each compete in the minivan segment, but when you compare cost to operate with Chrysler, the Detroit automakers are nearly ten thousand dollars cheaper than their direct competitor the Toyota Sienna. This price gap allows the engineers to offer this new Blue-Ray DVD entrainment system either as an option for the Grand Caravan or for some Town and Country trims a standard feature. It isn’t exactly known at this time how much this feature will increase the price of the 2013 Chrysler minivans, but we can assume it will close that $10k gap a bit.


The Blu-Ray DVD entertainment system will come with two overhead mounted screens that will be nine inches and offer nearly four times the picture quality than last years standard DVD models had offered. Also they will come with USB ports to charge your gadgets, and wireless headsets and remote. Finally, it will likely be coupled with a high-end audio system to truly bring out the cinematic atmosphere.


The addition of this Blu-Ray system will add a bit more luxury to an already appreciated pair of Chrysler minivans. Even though optional with most, it will still keep the Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan below the cost of their competitors. This could really give Chrysler a choke hold on the segment. For those of you in South Florida you can find Chrysler minivans in FL, at Arrigo!


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