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10 Ways To Save On Driving Expenses

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Being able to drive is more of a necessity as people need their cars to go to work, run errands and meet family obligations. However, there are some tips that will help drivers hold on to their hard-earned money.

  1. Conserve Petrol When Driving

There is no way to get around using fuel but there are some ways to use less. One suggestion would be to keep driving speed even and avoid sudden acceleration while on the road. It is also recommended to turn off the engine when stuck in rush hour traffic for more than a few minutes.

  1. Keep Tyres Filled with Air

By ensuring that your tyres have the right amount of pressure, this will make driving not only safer but more economical. Check the tyre pressure frequently and if you are not sure about how to do this, your owner’s manual should tell you how to do this. Most petrol stations have an air machine that will not only measure the pressure but also let you fill them up for a small fee. If you take your car on long trips regularly, a tyre gauge can be purchased at car supply retailers. This way, you can check before taking any chances.

  1. Do Not Use Your Car as Storage Facility

Added weight forces your car to work harder than normal when accelerating. While keeping a spare tyre and the necessary tools in the boot is essential, anything else that is heavy or bulky should be removed immediately.

  1. Plan for Road Trips

For one, petrol stations near your home will charge less than those located on long motorways. It is also more practical to fill up before departing since there is no guarantee that a petrol station will be there to serve you. The same applies for food, as items at these petrol and service stations tend to be higher in price compared to the supermarket.

  1. Check the Exhaust Pipe

A hole or any noises should not be ignored as they may indicate a serious problem underneath the bonnet. Even if the pipe is loose, it is best to get it fixed as soon as possible. Your mechanic can also take this time to make you aware of other potential problems.

  1. Consider the Use of Your Car

If you find yourself making many short trips, try to consolidate them whenever possible. Or try public transportation once in a while if the weather is not too bad. If you find that you live near one of your co-workers, ask them about splitting up the driving expenses. This is also known as carpooling and not only does it help to save wear and tear on your vehicle but you will have someone to converse with on the way to work.

  1. Use Caution When Parking

Do not park illegally – even for a minute or less. Same goes for roads that may have faded double lines. If you try to create your own parking space, then you are taking a chance on getting a ticket. If you are not sure, ask someone or park somewhere that is positively a parking spot.

  1. Compare Car Insurance Rates

Insured motorists have more leverage than they may think. By shopping around, you may be able to find lower rates from reputable companies. Once you have some figures to hand, feel free to approach your current insurance company about negotiating. If you have had no accidents or other road infractions, they may be willing to match your lowest rate. Also, if you have a few vehicles at your residence, you may qualify for a multi-car discount.

  1. Save on Your Car Tax

While there is no way to get around paying this annually, there are a couple of ways to reduce this. For one, paying online saves on postage and your time. The other way is to inform DVLA that a car will not be driven for at least six months. This is normally the issue with cars that will be in storage or undergoing another issue where it cannot be driven. However, do not take this discount lightly as if you are caught driving a car with a SORN notice, there may be consequences to pay.

  1. Be Cautious While on the Road, Period!

Driving at moderate speed saves on petrol and will place less wear and tear on car expenses like the brakes, which on some cars may give warning signs right before they are ready to call it quits. Not speeding also reduces the chance of having an accident, gaining points on your license and having your insurance rates increase. Slow down if speeding is a habit and don’t rush when parking as little dings may add up.


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