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10 Reasons Why A Sports Car Is More Fun Than A Regular Car

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Most people would wonder and frown upon the fact that sports cars are ridiculously overpriced, and with good reason. After all, why spend tens of thousands of Euros on an automobile that can hardly even fit two people? What’s the point of shelling out your hard-earned salary, just to be overwhelmed with paranoia that someone’s nail might make a tiny scratch on your paint job every single time you’re on the road?

The truth is, if you look at it in the point of view of practical utility, buying a sports car would sensibly be at the bottom of your list. But that’s the thing – sports cars aren’t about being sensible. They aren’t about practicality, and they aren’t even about functionality. They are about luxury. Because sports cars don’t just offer you a different product – they offer you a different lifestyle. A lifestyle that is significantly better than the one that you have right now.

So here is a list for all the skeptics and cynics out there – a list that presents to you the top 10 reasons why a sports car is more fun than a regular car.

1. You get the best quality out of an automobile.
There is no other vehicle on the road that can beat the caliber and superiority of a good sports car. These cars were designed to please even the shrewdest of drivers, ensuring that they get the optimum driving experience every single time that they are on the road. The performance that sports cars give are unparalleled. When you’re driving one, you’ll have the ability to hug a turn, accelerate rapidly if needed, and you can expect to have more control than you normally would if you were to drive a regular car.

2. It looks way better than a regular car.
Although it’s true that function is vital, there is no harm in wanting something that’s more than just a utility vehicle. There is no harm in wanting and needing something that’s a lot more aesthetically pleasing than just a box with four wheels. Yes, beauty is also a necessity. Beauty gives you power. Beauty demands respect. And beauty can be bought in the form of a sports car.

3. With that said, a sports car undeniably stands out.
Just thinking of how a high way looks like on a regular day can bore you to death. With cars that generally look the same, the road is pretty much a dull and monotonous avenue which we all have to unfortunately stare at every single day. Rest assured you would be doing public service by simply driving your sports car and giving everyone’s tired and stupefied eyes something different and gorgeous to look at.

4. People will envy you.
“I hate him/her for having enough money to buy a beautiful and luxurious car like that,” is what people will think when you drive by with a sports car. Seriously, you can’t get a reaction as genuine as that with just a regular car. You’re not going to get people staring at you with your sedan – but you will with a sports car. People will envy you because when they see you, they will imagine you living the life that they’ve always dreamed of. You will have something that they don’t but have been desiring for so long: wealth. Because let’s be honest – only the rich and famous can afford such an indulgent item.

5. It’s an investment.
With the aforementioned beauty and quality, some sports cars become even more valuable with the passage of time when compared to other automobiles. For regular cars, the moment the wheels are turned their value immediately depreciates. But not for sports cars – they can even become “classics” in the future and be classified as vintage.

6. It gets you the girl.
And not just any girl. You get the girl of your dreams. That hot and sexy model isn’t going to be impressed by your rusty old sedan – she’s going to want a man who’s the cream of the crop. And what better way to say that you’re the top gun by picking her up in your shiny red sports car on your first date? It’s definitely going to be love at first ride.

7. One word: Speed
This is in no way to say that you should go beyond the speed limit. It certainly isn’t fun to have your driver’s license suspended. This is about how fast you can reach the limit. The adrenaline rush that you get with the acceleration of a sports car is unequaled by any other regular car. Their engines were designed for a speedier acceleration, so you can easily outdrive that annoying sedan that overtook you.

8. Expression of your individuality
It’s stifling for one’s individuality to conform to the design of a regular car. You are what you buy, and what good is it if you buy something that’s similar to what everyone else buys? Really, how fun is it to simply blend in with the other cars? You’re not like everybody else. You deserve to express your individuality.

9. Sports cars have a certain element of mystique.
There are no exact words that can really describe the mystique of a sports car, but it exists. Sports cars exude a type of mystery that is difficult to understand, and yet it is this particular mystery that makes it so desirable.
And finally…

10. It tells the world who’s the boss.
You can’t get that much power out of a regular car. And no, this is not referring to horse power. It’s talking about dominance, control, and authority. How many times have you been cut on the road when you’re using your sedan, or even your SUV? With a sports car, you will be sure that that is never going to happen because people are going to respect you when they see what you are driving. With a sports car, you will have status while you’re on the road – a status that says you are the boss. You’re the one on top. You’re the CEO. You’re that famous actor. You’re that business mogul. You are number one.
Now what can be more fun than that?

It would probably take a whole day to list every single justification for the existence of a sports car like the Ralliart. But for now these are the top 10, and that’s more than enough grounds for you to actually want, and perhaps even need one.

Mic Roberts has been a fan of sports cars since ever he can remember. He lives in Sydney, NSW.

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